A New Way To Shop The Blog

I recently announced that I had reached a blogging goal. You may be wondering what that goal is and how it affects you. Well, today is the day I spill the beans.

I’ve recently been accepted into Like to Know it and I’m beyond thrilled to start using this platform to bring you guys, my lovely readers, a new and improved way to shop the blog and my social media accounts.

I know some of you will already be familiar with Like to Know it, but for those of you who don’t I’ll explain it.

What is Like to Know it?

It’s a platform bloggers/influencers use to make shopping our posts easy and more convenient for you.

How does it work?

There’s a couple of ways this works. You first register (this is quick, easy, and totally free!)

Then when you ‘like’ a photo on my social media accounts, like Instagram, you will get all the outfit details sent straight to your email.

 You can take screenshots of my photos on Instagram (Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter also) and shop the products from the screenshot in the app. When you open the app all of your likes and screenshots will be saved for you to view and you’ll able to shop these looks whenever you want. This is my preferred way of shopping other influencers posts!

Or, you can go directly to the LiketoKnow.it website to shop looks. Just type in the blogger/influencers Instagram handle to the end of the websites URL.

Example: LiketoKnow.it/FashionablyAlly

Other Benefits

You can also view a separate feed in the app and shop other bloggers/influencers post associated with Like to Know it. Or even shop specific hashtags Like to Know it influencers use. For example: #LTKunder50 means you can shop items under $50. How cool is that!?

Also, in the app you can shop all my looks I’ve posted by simply searching my name, Fashionably Ally. You can do this for any blogger/influencer who uses Like to Know it.

It’s a piece of cake! And who doesn’t like cake. 😜

What if I don’t see the exact item you posted linked?

There could be a couple of reasons for this.

1. The store may not work with LiketoKnow.it

2. The item may be sold out.

In these cases I always try to link similar items for you to shop and if possible I will link the exact item on the blog.

I’m so very excited and I really hope this makes shopping easier than ever for you guys.

As always thank you for your continued support and love!




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13 responses to “A New Way To Shop The Blog”

  1. That’s so awesome, girl! Congratulations!!!

  2. Kris says:

    How exciting! I love using LTKI to shop, it’s so easy! Congrats!!

  3. Taylor says:

    Welcome to LKT! So happy for you. You are going to slay 2018!

  4. Fashncurious says:

    Hooray! !! Hip hip hooray!!! So happy for you!!!

  5. Lexie says:

    Such exciting news!!! Awesome!

  6. Congrats Luv, THe pastel and neutrals is a good look on you!

  7. Lauren says:

    So informative! I still need to download the app. I’m so happy for you! And happy for myself now that I can shop your cutie style!

  8. Vanessa Luna says:

    Congrats Ally!!! What a wonderful Milestone! Your content is great!

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