5 Essentials I Always Have In My Purse

I’m sure we’ve all been there…that moment you reach into your purse and realize what you need isn’t there. Ugh…the horror! I hate that feeling almost as much as I hate eating healthy.😂 There’s at least 5 things I need/want in my purse with me at all times and today I’m sharing what those items are with you guys.

1 – My Wallet

Seriously, is there anything worse than getting somewhere and trying to pay only to realize you don’t have your wallet! It’s pretty much my worst nightmare and you better believe tears of embarrassment will probably be involved. LOL.

Side Story – One time (back when I was a teenager) I was in the car line to pay at Starbucks, I was casually waiting to pay with my window down, tapping my debit card on the window, and it slipped and fell down the window crack forever lost in the dark abyss of my car door! And then the guy comes to take my card to pay, except now I have to tell him what just happened, and he’s looking at me like I’m making the whole thing up. So we are just kind of staring at each other like what happens next… and I know what you’re thinking, no big deal just pay with another card or cash. Problem is I didn’t have cash or another card on me, this guy still doesn’t care. So I’m about to cry, because again TOTALLY embarrassed, barista thinks I’m lying, I have no money and can’t pay, so I just had to leave. Like come on guy, give a girl a break! Moral of the story – DO NOT TAP YOUR CARD ON YOUR CAR DOOR WINDOW! 😂 Haha! Also, where was the starbucks app when I needed it.

2 – Lipstick

I don’t know about you guys but I feel completely naked without lipstick. Plus my lips dry out so bad that having lipstick on helps me from picking at my chapped lips (such a bad habit of mine.) Last year, I tried the Bare Minerals Matte Liquid Lipcolor and you guys…it’s so GOOD! It is for sure my go to lipstick. The matte texture is like butter. It doesn’t leave me with that dry cracked feeling some matte lipsticks do. My favorite shade is Smooch. It’s the prettiest pale nude pink color. I also really love the shades XYZ and Swank.

3 – Sunglasses

Living in Texas sunglasses are a must all year long. The sun here is CRAY y’all. One of my favorite brands for sunglasses is Quay They are affordable and the quality is fabulous. If you don’t like shopping online, Nordstrom carries them. 😉

4 – Makeup Bag

My makeup bag is always with me. It carries all my essentials I might need throughout the day, whether its a quick touch up or feminine products for when Aunt Flo visits. I love fun, quirky makeup bags over the standard plain ones. Just brings a smile to my face to pull out a cutesie little bag. The donut one I linked below is so stinkin cute, I may just have to upgrade the one I currently use.

5 – Chapstick

Again, living in Texas this is a huge must. It doesn’t matter if I drink a gallon of water a day my lips are always chapped. Texas has it out for me y’all. LOL. I’ve probably tried a hundred chapsticks but my favorite is just basic Carmex. I know, super boring but it works.

Well, that’s it. Those are my daily bag necessities that I never leave home without. What about you? What are your essentials to always have handy in your purse? I’d love to know!



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6 responses to “5 Essentials I Always Have In My Purse”

  1. Lexie says:

    Always so many important things to carry! I am always afraid of not having what I need.

  2. fashNcurious says:

    Lotion and hand sanitizer are a must in my handbag! Then I throw in the rest of the house. Ha!

  3. Love this!! Chapstick is sooo important. I always have that too

  4. All good things. We have something in common with the Carmex. I am addicted to that stuff! THanks for posting.

  5. Bernice says:

    So insightful what’s in your bag! I never go without some chapstick or sunnies either!


  6. Eve Ksabi says:

    Love you style dear and like you I also love different lipglosses and many colors bags

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