House Progress ~ Part 1 ~

Building this house has been so fun, a little…okay a LOT stressful, but mostly fun! It gets me even more excited about how excited you guys have been to see the progress too.

I haven’t posted too many photos on my feed of the house progression due to them not being the prettiest of photos. I like to try and keep a pretty and clean feed. Once the house doesn’t look like a disaster zone of trash and all of the contractors junk I’ll start posting more photos lol. But I figured it’d be fun to do a post from the beginning to where we are currently in the build.

The lot prior to any work being done.

Dirt work started.

Next came the rough plumbing.

The foundation cable locks were put in.

Foundation starting to be poured.

This was the first really exciting progress to see…the foundation! It’s really funny how small things can look before actual walls go up. My husband and I panicked a little thinking there’s no way this is big enough

We’re getting so excited!!!

Framing starts.

Almost there… eek what a muddy mess!

Brick started going up. Btw picking brick was much harder than I ever anticipated.

I’m so in love with our brick choice!

Insulation going up. Also, Sheetrock was delivered.

Insulation finished up.

Sheetrock is all up. Tape and bedding started. The tape and bedding got delayed like a week, which was a bit frustrating, but I think that’s more because at this point I’m just so ready to move in!

They measured and outlined for the fireplace.

Stonework is going up. They took forever to start the stone because we got several days of rain. The brick/stone guy is super slow but he’s very meticulous about his work so everything looks AMAZING

That about wraps up the progress thus far! We are loving everything and haven’t ¬†really had any major setbacks or disappointments. A few minor problems have arised but have all been worked out very quickly. We are hoping to be done and in by July before our summer gets really busy, not sure it will happen. Hoping and praying tho!

I’ll keep you guys updated!



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